Rogers Core Values

Rogers Core Values

Rogers Core Values

Rogers is constantly changing, growing, acquiring, and evolving. With continuous change happening every day, we are creating space to learn and grow with these new changes. With that being said, we’ve spent some time digging deep learning about what is most important to our Rogers family. In return, we’ve rolled out 9 values that Rogers displays on a day to day basis that we are proud to stand behind.

I am EMPOWERED to serve our customers.

I listen, COMMUNICATE, and follow through.

I add value by delivering QUALITY work on time.

I play a key role in building customer RELATIONSHIPS.

I am responsible for maintaining a SAFE work environment.

I will make mistakes, but not of ethics, morals or INTEGRITY.

I am PROFESSIONAL in my appearance, and respectful of others.

I am trained, knowledgeable and DRIVEN to continuously improve.

I am committed to meeting and EXCEEDING customer expectations.

We are excited to see these new Core Values find their home in each employee with Rogers, whether that be our technicians or corporate employees, in each office location across the country, and finally within each connection we make with the incredible companies we work with across the United States. We are proud to have these values we stand behind in every decision we make and everything we do.


We are Rogers.