Rogers Learning

Rogers Learning

Rogers Learning Management System

In April, Rogers Learning was officially launched as the one stop shop for online training for all Rogers team members. To date, there are 133 courses on the platform, and over 90% of our employees are utilizing these resources. This includes courses on electrical training for technicians, safety, corporate skills, leadership, new hire orientation and many other critical areas needed by the business.

With roughly 1,500 employees located across the country, Rogers Learning provides the ability to distribute training quickly and efficiently, while keeping the platform and courses relevant, concise and consistent.  Most of the courses are broken down into shorter 5 minute segments to make each course as concise and applicable as possible, without any fluff.  Rogers Learning allows supervisors to easily track their team’s progress and performance on both general skills and job-specific training, which will ultimately help with development and annual performance reviews.  We are continuing to grow and improve the platform with the goal of providing unlimited access to customized training paths for each Rogers employee.

We are excited to have a new line of courses designed specifically for electricians.  This content is produced specifically for Rogers by Dustin Stelzer, the creator of the YouTube channel ElectricianU.  These videos are made by an electrician for electricians, and the topics range from Relays and Contactors to On-the-Job Leadership to Lamps and Bulbs.  Our overall plan is to build a library of courses for all of our field electricians – courses that are useful for the apprentice and journeyman alike.

To access Rogers Learning, simply follow this link:  You can also access via the Rogers Learning mobile site.  Check it out and let us know what you think!


Below are stills from our ElectricianU YouTube video series on Rogers Learning done by Dustin Stelzer.